Why So Many Female CrossFitters Get Breast Augmentations

Breast augmentations (boob jobs) are a relatively common procedure that have been practiced for a very long time. With latest advancements in technology and medicine the breast augmentation has become mostly pain-free and almost scarless with quick recovery.

There are several reasons why you see so many female crossfitters getting breast augmentations. Here are a few of them:

* CrossFit women gain muscle, lose fat, and become much more toned and lean. Often times this causes them to lose their breasts. So getting implants allows them to take care of that issue.
* Women who do CrossFit tend to have great bodies that they worked hard to earn, but breasts don’t always naturally match that body, so getting a boob job can help complete the shape.
* Female crossfitters can often feel a new vigor and change their entire lifestyle. They have self confidence, energy, and feel great. So they want to get out and do things. Maybe they are a little older and have been stuck in the house raising a family for the past 20 years, but now they want to get out and live. Or a divorcee that is now looking to get back into the dating world. Crossfit can give you that edge and a new pair of perfect boobs can really take it to the next level.

Those are just some of the reasons why you see so many female crossfitters getting boob jobs. A breast augmentation can really coincide with the new body, confidence, and lifestyle and CrossFit offers women.

Breast Augmentation – the Process
They can be done in two ways – using FDA approved breast implants or via fat transfer method. The implants used for the enhancement process are silicone gel or saline implants. The implants are placed through an incision made in the armpit, in the lower edge of the areola or else in the crease line underneath the breast. Usually, the procedure is provided on an outpatient basis and requires around one to two hours to complete. The time needed may differ according to personal conditions and the technique used. Silicone gel implants give a natural feel as they are softer.

The second procedure is fat transfer breast augmentation, which involves fat collection from the patient’s body and injecting it into the breasts. This procedure enhances the size of the breasts and provides a natural look to the breasts. The ideal candidates for this procedure are women with excess fat on their thighs, abdomen, and hips. Excess fat is collected via liposuction, processed and injected into the breasts. This method has been applauded as a gentle and painless way to enhance the breast contour and add volume.

You will want to make sure you are getting your surgery done from a highly qualified and professional surgeon. It is very important that they have a lot of credentials and are very experienced at doing the procedure. You should also make sure they have a lot of references and positive reviews. We recommend Dr. Cherny the top plastic surgeon in Des Moines from Heartland Plastic Surgery for all cosmetic surgery procedures.

Benefits of breast implants
Breast augmentation surgery procedure help ladies to achieve a beautiful figure, which plays a crucial role in boosting a woman’s self-esteem, elevating her confidence in both personal and social life. Understandably a woman’s shape and bust make her feel sexier and more desirable, often leading to a healthier sex life. A woman who believes she has smaller breasts may feel that her body is disproportionate and may also have a harder time finding clothes that fit her the way she wants. Breast enhancement surgery will add curves as well as a definition, which will give the patient the more proportioned body figure she has been seeking.

A boob job procedure can influence you on the psychological, physical, and spiritual level, and it can also augment your happiness. This type of procedure can make your happiness better along with your personal attitude on life, and in addition to that, it can achieve wonders on your mind. The end-results will be excellent since it can give you the body you were yearning for, so you can it is definitely worth the hard-earned money for the breast augmentation procedure.