The Top Crossfit Workouts that Can Be Done at Home

Crossfit workouts are meant to aid strength, agility, power, balance, speed, flexibility, and stamina. It is a type of training that combines workouts of the heavy and fit category. They are commonly used by the military to make them stronger and fit each day. Since the workouts are proven to work, they are highly recommended by fitness trainers. They are the perfect workouts for women and men who want to have a fit and strong body. They not only help one to be fit, but also help in building and toning muscles. The following are some examples of the workouts you perform at your home if you have the proper crossfit equipment to use.

Double Unders (Jump Rope)

This is an important workout that will train you to jump higher and faster. It is considered to be easier than squats or power lifting. This can be done easily at home. You can do this daily for 20 minutes starting with lower speed and increasing speed as you complete your session.


This is one of the top parts of many crossfit workouts. In this case, you will be required to run constantly for about 20 minutes. This can be done at your neighborhood or backyard. This makes it a cost effective workout. It is advisable to start running at a low speed, increasing gradually to a faster and faster pace until you complete the 20 minutes. If you are a beginner you can do it for 10 minutes as you improve with time. This crossfit workout will tone the lower body muscles and help you improve agility, stamina, and speed.

Air Squats

Just like sprinting, you are supposed to do air squats for about 20 minutes daily. They help the butt muscles to become firm and toned. With time you will be able to reduce amount of cellulite in the bottom area. In addition, it will help you strengthen the muscle thighs. You are supposed to do as many rounds as you can within the 20 minutes.

Olympic Weight lifting

These types of crossfit workouts are important in building muscles around your body. For instance, the muscles will be larger particularly on arm and thigh parts. The muscles will also develop around your tummy and form the abs.

There are many other forms of crossfit workouts. However, the above are simple and effective trainings that can be done at home. These types of workouts will give you fitness and muscles, which you will like when done in the right way.